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Challenges to Environmental Pollution

Purification of polluted rivers or ponds

  • This homepage is to introduce “TS Minetase”, putting focus on its effectiveness of purifying polluted rivers or ponds.
  • This method of purifying polluted rivers or ponds does not require any heavy investment. Just pour liquid “TS Minetase” into polluted water. “TS Minetase” works as if it were a catalyst and prompts ecological recovey of the rivers or ponds.

Effectiveness of “T.S Minetase”

  • T.S Minetase...it contains nutrition, minerals and enzymes as three of them are well balanced and condensed. The most significant feature of T.S Minetase is its vitalization effect of ecology system.
  • It was originally developed in a course of overcoming critical problems which were encountered in fresh-water fish feeding in my aquarium. The concerned fishes were the sort of large-sized (some exceeded 2 meters), and, when they grew up to a certain size, were suffered from diseases leading to death or deformity. “T.S Minetase” was quite effective in overcoming the problems. Almost 20 years since then, its application has been expanded.
Effectiveness of“T.S Minetase”

Picture (right) is fresh-water fish called Jauu, over 1.7 meters, one of big fishes I was quite successful in feeding with “T.S Minetase”.

  • Today, we have confirmed its effectiveness in 3 major areas. One is effectiveness as health supplements for human being. The second is effectiveness as food supplements for animals and fishes or fertilizer supplements for plants. The last but not least is effectiveness of ecological recovey of polluted rivers or ponds. T.S Minetase works as if it were a catalyst and help the rivers recover its ecological vitality.